My name is Tonya Burroughs owner of Maryllene’s Candles and Essentials.We are a small family owned business and I am a proud mom of four amazing kids. The name Mary has been passed down from generation to generation of amazing women in my family. My mother’s name is Mary Alice, and my grandmother’s name was Ellene. Combining the two and i give you Maryllene’s. I was raised by four amazing women and their focus was God and family making sure we stayed together. Food was a big part of that; there was always plenty to eat and the door was never locked. Everyone felt loved when they entered and was welcomed! With Maryllene’s Candles and Essentials we have been blessed to create that same warmth of love, peace, into our customer’s home through candles, bath and body products. Every fragrance and ingredient has been handpicked and handmade with care to remind you of a special place in your life and to inspire the gift within. Fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and admirable Phillippians 4:8